Lingofy Doesn't Get Tired

Every student could use an extra pair of eyes on their term papers – even if they’re digital. A spelling, style or word usage error can often mean the difference between an A or a B. Don’t let a clumsy typo or error cost you a letter grade!

Learn As You Go

While Lingofy takes care of making sure your copy is error free, you will benefit from seeing the corrections. This is especially helpful for communications majors who will need a solid base knowledge of AP style.

Save Time

In the classroom, every point counts. When an assignment is due, every minute counts. Lingofy can proof a 5,000-word paper in seconds. The time you save in ensuring accuracy is time that can be used to do more research, get one more source, or just take a relaxing sip of coffee. You’ll be confident that you will present your work without the distraction of misspelled or misused words.


Working on an important project and need to make sure your classmates are on the same page? Share your dictionaries and maintain consistency in your writing style.