Obviously, we’re word people here at Lingofy. We love long discussions about hyphenation, neologisms and grammar – about whether one should use a formal or informal voice when communicating with different audiences. We are fascinated and excited about new words that enter our living lexicon daily via breaking news and pop culture. All of that is reflected in the proofing and customization tools and style options we provide, and update regularly. But we’re also tech people, and we believe Lingofy is only just getting started on its path to clean up the internet’s copy. In addition to supporting proofing in multiple programs and browsers, our Lingofy developers have also crafted API documentation that will let your tech staff integrate our trusted and tested proofing tools into your favorite content management system, whether it’s out-of-the-box or proprietary. With Lingofy, you can proof anywhere in the world and in any program.


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