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You say “spell-checker,” we say “advanced text proofing.”
Bring professional-grade text proofing to your favorite text editor.


Lingofy is more than spellchecking. You no longer have to wonder why that red underline appears under a word. More importantly, because Lingofy gets smarter as you use it, you will gain confidence that you don’t have the wrong word spelled correctly.

Lingofy rounds up all of a post’s spelling, punctuation and usage errors into one window and provides information about why a certain term was flagged. You can quickly and easily choose whether to apply or ignore a suggestion from Lingofy. Lingofy also catches “unknown” terms — words that don’t appear in any of Lingofy’s reference databases. When Lingofy finds one of these words, you can verify the word is correct and add it to your personal dictionary to ensure it doesn’t get flagged again.

Lingofy works with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and Microsoft Internet Explorer. It can proof text in popular blogging tools such as WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger and social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. The Lingofy Plain Language version includes plugins for Microsoft Word, Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft PowerPoint. You say “spellchecker,” we say “advanced text proofing.” Bring professional-grade text proofing to your favorite browser-based text editor.

Lingofy brings the best features of a desktop text editor’s spellchecking tool to the browser and then expands on them even further.