Work and share style guides in the cloud

Like you, we’re spoiled by life in the cloud. We take our music, movies, games and books everywhere we go. Shouldn’t your editing tools be just as portable? Whether you write in a cafe/coffeehouse, a cubicle or an airplane cabin 40,000 feet up, Lingofy is ready to proof if you have Wi-Fi. We developed Lingofy to be agile and accessible because we’re writers and editors, too. We know inspiration can hit anywhere and at any time. In addition to the convenience factor, our server-based system lets you share your style rules and update them on the fly with other Lingofy users anywhere in the world. And because we’re in the cloud, new terms, phrases and names such as “Cronut” (that delicious doughnut-croissant hybrid), are regularly added to Lingofy – ensuring your content is always up-to-date. If you are an indie freelance travel writer or a growing company with dozens of employees who need to adhere to company style, Lingofy’s presence in the cloud allows you to proof on the go, and set and share style rules with multiple users.

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