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Canadian Press Style Checker

New Product

The Canadian Press has been Canada’s most trusted national news agency for more than 100 years. The Canadian Press Stylebook and Caps & Spelling are tools that many journalists across the country and abroad use to ensure consistency, reliability, accuracy and timeliness.

The Canadian Press Style Checker is a combination of Lingofy, Canadian Press Stylebook and Caps & Spelling. The CP Style Checker will help ensure a high standard for all your content. CP Style Checker can be used by anyone who needs to write cleanly, concisely and professionally.

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  • Canadian Press Stylebook and Caps & Spelling
  • Canadian English
  • Usage (help with commonly confused words)
  • Synonyms (help to avoid repetition and add flavor)
  • Lingofy Manager
  • 3 custom guides (maximum 250 entries)
  • Browser plug-ins for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari
  • Plug-in for Google Docs (requires a Google account)
  • Plug-in for Microsoft Word (requires a Microsoft account)