Coming soon…

New proofing extensions will soon be available for Adobe’s page layout and text editing applications InDesign and InCopy. Lingofy’s plugins link page designers, writers and editors to its highly customizable, cloud-based proofing engine, drastically expanding the editing and proofreading capabilities of those tools. The plugins were announced at #Adobemax and will be availble mid-November.


Professional tools for today
Lingofy is designed to meet the modern-day challenges content creators face daily. Accuracy and clarity are paramount but you also want to keep your brand and voice. Lingofy brings together all the tools necessary to give you confidence in your writing.


Your virtual proofreader
A second set of eyes isn’t a luxury for professionals, it’s a requirement. Proofing your own copy on a tight deadline is a surefire way to miss errors and potentially damage your reputation. Let Lingofy be your virtual proofreader ensuring error-free, consistent content.


Consistent company style
Maintaining a consistent style of writing across employees can be challenging. Whether your employees number 2 or 2000, Lingofy helps maintain a single voice across all communication.

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