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The internet has changed everything. Language is expanding faster than ever, and so are embarrassing online errors that can sabotage your message – and your business. Basic spell check just isn’t enough, so Lingofy was developed with input from expert editors and writers around the world to manage the challenges that modern-day content creators face. Lingofy will check for spelling and usage, but it also allows you to merge your own custom style rules and local proper names with proofing rules from The Associated Press and other trusted style pros.

More than a dictionary

Whether you’re writing about science, sports, music, medicine, politics or pet supplies, Lingofy allows you to arrange and customize your proofing experience, from the words and phrases you want checked to the way you check them. Rather than forcing you to conform to a static dictionary built for the masses, we offer multiple language, dictionary and published style resources (e.g. AP, FT, CP and more) that you can mix, match and augment to meet your needs. Our proofing system includes an online interface where you set the rules on style, spelling, capitalization, usage and more: for names, multi-word phrases and anything else you can write. Now you can guarantee copy on any topic, adhering to any style or spelling preference, is consistent and error-free – and you’ll never have to click “Ignore” again.

Work and share style in the cloud

Like you, we’re spoiled by life in the cloud. We take our music, movies, games and books everywhere we go. Shouldn’t your editing tools be just as portable? Whether you write in a coffee house, a cubicle or an airplane cabin 40,000 feet up, Lingofy is ready to proof if you have Wi-Fi. We developed Lingofy to be agile and accessible because we’re writers and editors, too. We know inspiration can hit anywhere and at any time. In addition to the convenience factor, our server-based system lets you share your style rules – and update them on the fly – with other Lingofy users anywhere in the world. And because we’re in the cloud, new terms, phrases and names such as “Cronut” (that delicious doughnut-croissant hybrid), are regularly added to Lingofy – ensuring your content is always up to date. If you are an indie freelance travel writer or a growing company with dozens of employees who need to adhere to company style, Lingofy’s presence in the cloud allows you to proof on the go, and set and share style rules with multiple users.

Use Lingofy where you like

We designed Lingofy to work with just about any browser-based writing tool, from WordPress to Blogger to the latest flavor. We know you probably have a preferred writing tool and we believe proofing shouldn’t take you away from it. (Writing is challenging enough as it is, right?) Install the Lingofy extension in any of multiple browser options and you can start checking copy today. If you prefer offline tools, we offer plug-ins for those, too. Check here to see where Lingofy is currently available. We regularly add new platforms and programs based on customer feedback, so please let us know if you have a request. We also recently added the Check Text feature to the Lingofy Manager at It’s a simple, TinyMCE-based text editor that lets you copy and paste content from offline tools into Lingofy and proof with your style. It’s yet another workflow option we’ve built into Lingofy so that no matter what is going on in your world, your copy is polished and presentable.

Consistent company style

Our interests, communication and messaging have moved online, and our colleagues, partners and employees have become more mobile because of it. We’re working from home, working on the road, and expanding our skill sets – and we all have different opinions on writing style and messaging. It’s a good thing for creativity in the abstract, but for an organization it can cause confusion, mistakes and even negative reaction from partners and audiences. Lingofy allows you to set a wide range of style rules on everything from niche terminology to greetings. You can easily share those rules with one to 1,000 users, ensuring your company voice is clean, consistent and cohesive, regardless of the writer. Say goodbye to typos and hello to clear communication.

Your virtual copydesk

You work with words for a living. Maybe you write, maybe you edit, maybe you craft social media messages that draw followers or maybe you are an instructional designer, catalog copywriter or reporter. No matter what you write, or who you write for, you know that a second set of eyes isn’t a luxury for professionals, it’s a requirement. Proofing your own copy on a tight deadline is a surefire way to miss mistakes and damage your reputation. Lingofy allows you to permanently or temporarily add project-specific terms to your proofing process, ensuring your editing is just as agile as your writing. Create custom style rules by project, topic, customer or content. From spring training baseball blogging to small-business branding, and everything in between, Lingofy gives you professional style resources and detailed customization to present polished, professional results – from anywhere. Your copy will look like it went through a copydesk and your clients will never know it was just you and Lingofy.

Easy integration in your CMS

Obviously, we’re word people here at Lingofy. We love long discussions about hyphenation, neologisms and grammar. About whether one should use a formal or informal voice when communicating with different audiences. We are fascinated and excited about new words that enter our living lexicon daily via breaking news and pop culture. All of that is reflected in the proofing and customization tools and style options we provide, and regularly update. But we’re also tech people and we believe Lingofy is only just getting started on its path to clean up the internet’s copy. In addition to supporting proofing in multiple programs and browsers, our Lingofy developers have also crafted API documentation that will let your tech staff integrate our trusted and tested proofing tools into your favorite content management system, whether it’s out-of-the-box or proprietary. With Lingofy, you can proof anywhere in the world and in any program. Contact us here to learn more about our API specifications.

What our users say...

Makes my day easy

"Lingofy has been an invaluable backstop for our editors, who have to work through a high volume of material every day. We love it!"

Adam M.,

Finally I have my own proofreader

"If I have time for just one automated pass, it's Lingofy".

Merrill P.

An extra safety net

"Made me feel more confident that if I don't catch something it might!"

Keaton F.

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