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Associated Press

Lingofy has paired the AP Stylebook with Webster’s New World College Dictionary, Fifth Edition, providing advanced proofing assistance for both spelling and style. AP Lingofy includes almost 5,000 AP Stylebook entries to address terminology in politics, economics, law, medicine, the internet and popular culture.

With Webster’s as a foundation, it includes an additional 12,000 entries to manage spelling and usage from one of the world’s most trusted dictionaries. For our Associated Press style proofing, we wouldn’t trust any other dictionary to support our discerning writers and editors.


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Canadian Press

CP Lingofy incorporates the two definitive writing & editing guides published by The Canadian Press; The Canadian Press Stylebook and Caps and Spelling. Together, these references set the industry standards for journalists across Canada.

CP Lingofy subscribers not only benefit from the style guidance of Canada’s most trusted news source, but also writing assistance when it comes to abbreviations, hyphenated and compound words, correct names of Canadian corporations, newsmakers, pop culture terms and more.


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Plain Language

We took our carefully researched and editor-vetted American English dictionary and augmented it with entries that streamline and improve writing based on the U.S. government’s Plain Language Guidelines. Designed for shaping content to send a message quickly and clearly, Lingofy’s PL guidance can simplify complex concepts, reduce jargon and produce more effective copy.

Based on the Plain Writing Act of 2010, this guide offers suggestions for terms, usage, synonyms and sentence structure that highlight rather than confuse the message. By analyzing consistency and repetition, this guide will help you turn cloudy, complicated content into clean, clear copy.


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For over 150 years, first in print and now online, Webster’s Dictionary has been a trusted provider of language information in America. With some of the most rigorous requirements, dictionary staff carefully study trends and changes to U.S. English before changing this esteemed dictionary.

Lingofy has been partnered with Webster’s since our start, relying on their highly-regarded decisions to inform many of our own style choices, from hyphenates to abbreviations to neologisms. Our linguists consistently look to Webster’s when making style and spelling decisions for our proofing tools.

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