Your virtual proofreader

You work with words for a living. Maybe you write, maybe you edit, maybe you craft social media messages that attract followers or maybe you are an instructional designer, catalog copywriter or reporter. No matter what you write, or who you write for, you know that a second set of eyes isn’t a luxury for professionals. It’s a requirement. Proofing your own copy on a tight deadline is a surefire way to miss mistakes and damage your reputation. Lingofy allows you to permanently or temporarily add project-specific terms to your proofing process, ensuring your editing is just as agile as your writing. Create custom style rules by project, topic, customer or content. From spring training baseball blogging to small-business branding, and everything in between, Lingofy gives you professional style resources and detailed customization to present polished, professional results – from anywhere. Your copy will look like it went through a copy desk and your clients will never know it was just you and Lingofy.

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