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Lingofy - how it works

From freelancers to Fortune 500 companies, Lingofy users love to pair their favorite references with their own custom terms related to names, products and other niche language. Lingofy lets you set and share a consistent style (or styles!) for any kind of communication.

Canadian Press Stylebook & Caps

New Product!
Canadian Press Stylebook & Caps

Lingofy is proud to announce the addition of The Canadian Press Stylebook to its growing list of professional references. For more than 75 years, The Canadian Press Stylebook has been the definitive writing & editing style guide, setting industry standards for journalists across Canada.

Whether you’re in journalism, communications, publishing or public relations, Lingofy with Canadian Press style-checking will ensure your writing is accurate and consistent by following the standards set by Canada’s trusted news leader.

Canadian Press Stylebook & Caps Canadian Press Stylebook & Caps
From 125 CAN per year

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Our most popular dictionaries

AP Stylebook
AP Stylebook AP Stylebook
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Lina Tronskog. Photo.

Learn how Lina uses Lingofy

Lina uses Lingofy daily to double-check spelling, punctuation and careless errors. She talks about why she uses Lingofy and the benefits of using the tool.

Read the interview with Lina

We update the dictionaries frequently

We update the dictionaries frequently

The language reflects the world we live in. Word lists need to be updated frequently to work optimally. Read about how we work with updates and especially new words.

Read about dictionary updates

Get “in style” today

Lingofy moves beyond the standard, limited dictionaries most writers and editors use when proofing. Our tools let you proof with established/respected style and language references, while allowing you to augment and customize these trusted resources.

Get started with one of our partner guides, then create custom entries to apply your style. Finish by proofing just once to check all rules. Efficient, customized proofing is just a click away, for one user or many.


9 a.m.

Product development VP Jessica adds an entry to DrinkMaker’s Lingofy style guide to ensure their new product is handled properly in all copy for capitalization, spelling and spacing: SuperWater

9:15 a.m.

Mark uses Lingofy to proof his press release introducing SuperWater to the world. Jessica’s new entry pops up in proofing to ensure it is written correctly (and not as Super Water or Super-Water).


11 a.m.

DrinkMaker sales rep Diana is working from home. She uses Lingofy to proof her sales pitch email to a wholesale beverage company. The Lingofy SuperWater entry once again ensures everyone – no matter their location — is consistently writing about this new product.

1 p.m.

Contract graphic design firm employees Lauren and Ricardo start designing a new cross-platform ad campaign for SuperWater. The DrinkMaker Lingofy style guide has been shared with them, too, to ensure all their ad copy is correct, from web banners to billboards and commercials.


Main features

One tone of voice

One tone of voice

Friendly, formal, casual or technical – ensure that your voice reflects the image you wish to portray.
Be efficient

Be efficient

Spend less time editing and focus more on your content. Don’t let proofing slow you down.
Share your dictionary

Share your dictionary

Share your knowledge and let your co-workers and friends benefit from your custom style entries.
Download plug-ins

Download plug-ins

Install the Lingofy plug-in in Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox and Google Docs.

Multi-user license?

Multi-user license?

Why not buy a license so you can maintain the same style and consistency throughout your company?

Contact us for multi user pricing