Here is an overview of the types of users already using Lingofy. User profiles are broken into two broad types:


Someone who uses Lingofy mainly for their own private use. They may sometimes share guides with other Lingofy users, but they don’t require a complex multi-user workflow.


This kind of user wants to deploy Lingofy as a shared solution for multiple users. Guides are created by one or several experts and disseminated to employees or freelancers. Control over entries is limited to one decision-maker, but other users may send in suggestions.

The Freelancer

Users: 1 / Guides: 3-30

Language expert who makes a living writing, editing and proofing. This wordsmith never says “no” to a gig, so all manner of copy types and topics are written or edited for all forms of media: Video or animation text, advertising in print or online, magazine or journal writing and editing, blogging, social media, branding research and planning, government reports, educational materials and more.

The Reviewer

Users: 1-2 / Guides: 1-2

Non-writers who oversee or are a part of content production for a company/school/nonprofit. This may include web developers, print or online layout designers, social media marketers and/or managers who want to review and proof the employees’ work to meet a deadline.

The Student

Users: 1 / Guides: 3-30

May be studying journalism, communications or marketing; theirs professor require all work they hand in conform to AP style. May be someone who speaks English as a second language and uses Lingofy to catch errors. (Or it could be native speakers who just want to improve their writing skills.)

Writing should be easy to read
and easy to remember

The Corporation

Users: 10-1.000+ / Guides: 1-100+

Usually not people who would call themselves “writers or editors.” These users include staff at various levels, in different departments or in different regions/countries, who write emails to customers; create detailed invoices or reports; develop marketing or advertising content for print, apps and websites; blog in the company voice or post updates on social media.

Small Media

Users: 2-20 / Guides: 2-5

Online or published news sites, pop culture sites, magazines or catalogues that aren’t big enough to afford a solution like Tansa, but still need to ensure consistent style during weekly, monthly, quarterly or even daily publication. There may be only one or two copy editors/designers, multiple stringers (freelance reporters), a managing editor and one or two advertising sales reps, or may scale up but still be smaller than traditional midsize papers.

The Ad Agency

Users: 2-3.000 / Guides: 10-100

The concept of Lingofy guides is perfect for ad agencies—or any company that produces content for multiple clients with different needs and many custom terms (product names, slogans).

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