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The Spanish stylebook by The Associated Press is designed as a writing guide for Spanish-language journalists, writers, editors and scholars of the language spoken by an estimated 450 million people globally. It is a reference tool which gives clarification and guidance on style issues. It includes a list of modern technical terms, different meanings of words and a chapter on the AP’s journalistic principles.

The importance of a universal Spanish style has been acknowledged by the Royal Academy of the Spanish Language. Spain now accounts for a little less than 10 percent of the world’s Spanish speakers. The academy now accepts contributions on word usage from 21 other academies recognized as authorities on the language on three continents. Jorge Covarrubias, a veteran journalist of AP’s Spanish-language service and one of the authors of the manual, is also the secretary-general of the North American Academy of the Spanish Language, one of the 21 other authorities.

AP’s Spanish language team, with its editors and translators, seeks to maintain the highest standards of journalism. The style manual’s mobile-optimized subscription website helps deliver content efficiently to customers in a dozen or more countries. The online format is continually updated.

The AP’s Spanish-language stylebook is an immense help to improve communication among its speakers worldwide because it supports modern, universal Spanish and provide standards for the language. An essential reference for good writing, the consistent presentation of the printed word by “El Manual de Estilo de la AP” permits its users to write anywhere and be understood everywhere.

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