Lingofy simple test drive

  • Lingofy gets your copy clean! Unlike other tools, the Lingofy Proofing System checks your content by looking at the words in context, making it capabel of checking not only the spelling but also the usage of words and the style of your writing.


    Lingofy can help you improve the quality of your printed and electronic content, while at the same time, improve the efficiency of your content creation and editing process. Even seemingly small errors can have an affect on your credibilty and abilities as a writer. Prior to Lingofy, the simple spelling checkers used today almost never found anything but the the most basic mistakes. Lingofy is an advanced proofing system that can process thousands of words per second. Not only will it correct nearly all spelling, style, punctuation and hyphenation errors in the blink of an eye, (as though it had some kind of extra sensory perception) it also ensures that you’re following a common set of rules.


    Whether you’re tweeting on twitter or publishing a blog in WordPress, Lingofy will help ensure that your typos and spelling errors are never seen by the pubic eye. Because Lingofy is server-based, it can be accesed from anywhere. Whether you are writing an e-mail in G-Mail frmo a cafe in Bombay or editing a term paper in your dorm room at John Hopkins University while sipping a glass of Bombay gin – at 5 p.m. tonight or at 5 AM, the Lingofy engine is ready to proof your content in whatever web editor you are working in. Don’t forget to try out the new PLUS features – they can provide insight into usage, such as when to use who or whom and if you are using biannual correctly.

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